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More Corporations Tapping Into the Benefits of E-Learning

There's no doubt about it: E-learning is booming. According to an in-depth survey conducted by market research firm Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the e-learning industry is expected to top $100 billion in 2015. To date, well over three-quarters of corporations in the U.S. use e-learning for employee training, and that number is expected to grow throughout 2015 as more companies understand just how powerful the approach can be in training both new hires and current employees.

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How to use Screen-O-Matic to create educational videos.

How to use Screen-O-Matic to create educational videos.

Screen-O-Matic takes the best of screencast technology and puts it in the hands of educators and teachers to improve the elearning experience 

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How E-Learning Could Have Helped Sony Avoid Its Security Breach

In today's computer-dependent world, it seems like just about every week brings a new story about a data breach. Last November, it was the Sony breach that leaked thousands of employee social security numbers and emails, in addition to a slew of movies that were still under wraps. That was quickly followed in December by news of a breach at financial firm Morgan Stanley. And that's just the tiny tip of the data breach iceberg. According to a report published in Forbes, about 40 percent of all companies experienced some type of data breach during 2014 – not exactly inspiring news.

Educational Strategies for E-Learning

Online learning courses offer a great opportunity to train employees on leadership, ethics, workforce safety, salescustomer service, products etc. However, materials must be written in a way that is advantageous to the employees in order for them to gain the maximum benefit from the course. Companies who consider the goals of their courses and the learning needs of their students will be better able to write effective e-learning curriculum.

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E-Learning Conferences in 2015

Every year, our reliance on the digital world grows. Because of this continual growth, e-learning is becoming a crucial component for education in virtually all industries and the technology behind e-learning is ever changing and improving. It is important for your company to be up to date with your education policies and teaching technologies. We have compiled a list of some of the top E-Learning conferences in the United States.

E-Learning Conferences are listed in chronological order.

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