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The "m" in mLearning stands for mobile. Mobile Learning or mLearning is the digital delivery of content via mobile electronic devices for the primary purpose of education. Mobile devices are various types of hardware, such as, smart phones, tablets and small laptops.

It is important to understand mLearning is not just E-Learning on a mobile device, it is a sub-category of E-Learning. All E-Learning is not appropriate for a mobile device.

Mobile Learning 
  • Information can be designed as "on-demand" rather than as prescribed. The learner may need specific information at that moment in order to complete a task successfully. Application of newly acquired mLearning knowledge can, at times, be more immediate than with E-Learning due to the on-demand nature of mLearning. With mLearning the new knowledge is usually put into action immediately versus at a later date.
  • The duration of mLearning sessions should be kept to about 10 minutes. It may become tiresome to participate in a more lengthy learning session on a mobile device.
  • Screen limitations of mobile devices will influence how the learner navigates and accesses the information. 


Mobile learning is about convenience and productivity. Mobile learning is providing a means of on demand knowledge distribution for on-the-go learners. Mobile content is delivered in short sessions meant for informational purposes for the immediate project at hand. 


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