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Did you ever wonder why some people are so good at learning specific skills or information, while you or someone else may not be? It's easy to think you're just “not good” at learning material; but actually, it's more likely the material is just not being presented in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. Decades of research has shown that people learn best in different ways, or styles, and most of us benefit most from a learning environment that uses multiple styles to increase engagement and understanding. You've probably experienced this yourself without even realizing it; that's because most tasks naturally use this blended process. Even something as simple as baking a cake can use multiple learning “types” to get the best result: You watch a cooking show where a cake is made; your read the recipe; and then you engage in hands-on learning when you actually mix up your ingredients and pop the batter in the oven. That's three types of learning – and “all” you've done is bake a cake.
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How to use Screen-O-Matic to create educational videos.

How to use Screen-O-Matic to create educational videos. Screen-O-Matic takes the best of screencast technology and puts it in the hands of educators and teachers to improve the elearning experience 
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Definition You may have noticed the term E-Learning is very similar to E-Mail. This is no coincidence since both technologies transfer information electronically. In fact, we can define E-Learning as the digital delivery of content via electronic devices for the primary purpose of education.
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Definition The "m" in mLearning stands for mobile. Mobile Learning or mLearning is the digital delivery of content via mobile electronic devices for the primary purpose of education. Mobile devices are various types of hardware, such as, smart phones, tablets and small laptops. It is important to understand mLearning is not just E-Learning on a mobile device, it is a sub-category of E-Learning. All E-Learning is not appropriate for a mobile device.

How E-Learning Could Have Helped Sony Avoid Its Security Breach

In today's computer-dependent world, it seems like just about every week brings a new story about a data breach. Last November, it was the Sony breach that leaked thousands of employee social security numbers and emails, in addition to a slew of movies that were still under wraps. That was quickly followed in December by news of a breach at financial firm Morgan Stanley. And that's just the tiny tip of the data breach iceberg. According to a report published in Forbes, about 40 percent of all companies experienced some type of data breach during 2014 – not exactly inspiring news.