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The Benefits of Safety Meetings


Safety meetings are essential to the workplace, no matter what business is involved. They are the key to keeping your employees and customers safe and risk-free, especially if you’re working around dangerous equipment or chemicals. When in the workplace, people need to be informed about any risks and the steps to take to avoid any pitfalls, illness, injury or death. Planned safety meetings, ones that happen regularly, are the chance to distribute this information and answer any questions that people may have.

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10 Ways that Safety Training Can Improve Your Company's Bottom Line

The foundation of a secure work environment is an effective safety training program. While the potential impact that safety training program can have on employee wellness is undeniable, many people fail to recognize the benefits that safety training can have on the profitability of a business. Below are the top 10 ways that safety training can positively impact your company’s bottom line

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5 Ways to Help Manage Arc Flash Safety

In light of the inherent dangers of working with electricity, we understand how important it is for businesses to continuously manage their arc flash safety.

Keeping employees safe should always be the highest priority and in Part I of this two part series, we have laid out five ways to help you better manage arc flash safety in the workplace.  

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.Com Safety Blogs: Online Sources for Blue-Collar Industries

In a recent post, we looked at .gov safety blogs on the net. Many others exist that you shouldn't overlook, especially when considering how wide the need is for safety information in the workplace.

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.Gov Safety Blogs: Online Sources for Blue-Collar Industries

As a manager in a blue-collar industry, you're perhaps a bit frustrated lately trying to find reliable information online about safety in the workplace. With literally hundreds of blogs out there about workplace safety, which ones can you rely on?

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