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.Com Safety Blogs: Online Sources for Blue-Collar Industries


In a recent post, we looked at .gov safety blogs on the net. Many others exist that you shouldn't overlook, especially when considering how wide the need is for safety information in the workplace.

While places like OSHA and the EPA provide information, they may not always write about a topic directly related to your company. It's also worth reiterating that many .com's have worthwhile information. Despite .orgs and .govs being official, you'll still find .com safety blogs with well researched and documented information.

Here are a few top safety blogs from the .com domain that provide information for blue-collar industries. 

1. The American Safety Council Blog

The ASC is well-noted for providing pertinent updates on workplace and personal safety. They have a blog that's well organized with a clean design. The blog uses a simple menu categorization method to help you quickly find blogs on specific subjects.

Their blog includes a large archive you can consult for specific safety topics. Plus, they stay very topical, including recently writing about the workplace dangers related to Pokémon Go.

Look under their "Workplace Safety" category for relevant subjects you can use to help keep employees educated.

2. Safety + Health Blog

Also known as Safety and Health Magazine,  this is a .com blog run by the National Safety Council Congress and Expo. This blog looks very much like an online magazine. Nevertheless, it digs deep into topics related directly to workplace hazards.

They also give you categories to find information quickly. "Safety Tips" and "Workplace Solutions" give you information for immediate use. Don't forget to take their polls to see how others in your industry feel about specific safety subjects.

3. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

The ISHN blog is a good blog to add to your safety blog library.

You'll find topics related to construction, oil & gas, and many other industrial categories with up-to-date information on what these industries face. Beyond this, you'll find general use posts like how to keep workers safer in the summer heat.

4. Simplified Safety Blog

Another .com safety blog, that's worth referencing for information on fall prevention in your work environment. In this blog, you'll get well-organized categories to choose from, including tackling safety railings to personal protection.

5. Occupational Health & Safety Online

This blog is close to being an online magazine with numerous categories you can consult for safety information. 

The categories available on the OH&SO blog are fairly comprehensive and cover everything from construction safety tips to hand and fall protection. 

6. The Wise Businessware Blog

We want to include our blog, The EH&S Insider. We work closely with those in the EH&S industry to provide accurate information in an easy to read format. It's a good source for the latest news on safety and compliance. 

Recently, we wrote about e-learning for safety professionals, and why near-misses in workplaces don't get reported.

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