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.Gov Safety Blogs: Online Sources for Blue-Collar Industries


As a manager in a blue-collar industry, you're perhaps a bit frustrated lately trying to find reliable information online about safety in the workplace. With literally hundreds of blogs out there about workplace safety, which ones can you rely on?

 Government and organizational blogs will have either .gov or .org in their URL, respectively. Many .com blogs take complicated or dry information from the .gov sites and break it down into an easier to understand format with helpful details. However, it is still a good idea to recognize and understand how to locate primary sources.

Here are four safety blogs you can depend on for current and accurate information. Keep in mind some very legitimate safety blogs are still available with a .com in their web addresses.

OSHA's Blog

There probably isn't any surprise that OSHA would have a blog related to workplace safety. The blog is updated regularly with a wide array of topics. 

Many of the topics they cover delve into the most pressing workplace issues. At the first of August, they wrote about everything from lead poisoning to analyzing those with disabilities in the workforce. 

A useful feature on OSHA's blog is featuring a top post from the past few weeks at the top of the page. Most recently, they featured a blog from June discussing safety in home care workers. 

The Environmental Protection Agency Blog

Through the EPA, you get another reliable .gov safety blog updated fairly regularly. The average post holds a substantial amount of information. 

In July, they covered various topics about water safety in the workplace, including the dangers of lead as noted by OSHA above.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Blog

Otherwise known as OnSafety, this blog from the CPSC provides a strong focus on product safety. It's a reliable source for the latest information on product safety concerns.

A popular section of the blog is the product recall section. It provides a list of recalled products and an option to subscribe to future recalls.  

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